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Here's a list of Restaurants categorized for your convenience ...

Malacca is well-known for its baba & nyonya style spicy cooking which normally gets served with rich coconut milk. There are numerous specialist baba & nyonya restaurants in town and the suburb area where they serve the mouth watering food, not only known to be the best in Malacca, but in the South East Asia region too.

The list is by no means exhaustive but serves only as a quick guide.

Chinese Food
1. Bei Zhan Restaurant
  502-504, Tmn. Melaka Raya
2. Dragon Bowl Restaurant
  52-62, Jln. Mutiara Melaka 2, Bt Berendam
3. Hikeng Restaurant
  112, Tmn. Melaka Raya
4. Keng Dom Restaurant
  147-149, Tmn. Melaka Raya
5. Lim Tian Puan Restaurant
  251, Jln. Tun Sri Lanang
6. New Good World Restaurant
  133-2B, Tmn. Melaka Raya
Indian Food
1. Banana Leaf Restaurant
  42, Jln. Munshi Abdullah
2. Kerala Restaurant
  688, Tmn. Melaka Raya
3. Laksmi Restaurant
  Jln. Bendahara
4. Tandori House Restaurant
  Tmn. Melaka Raya
5. Veni Restaurant
  34, Jln. Temenggong
Italian Food
1. Papagallo Restaurant
  Riviera Bay Resort, Tg. Kling
Japanese Food
1. Kampachi Restaurant
  Equatorial Hotel, Bandar Hilir
Malay Food
1. 35 Restaurant
  35, Jln. Merdeka, Banda Hilir
2. Anda Restaurant
  Jln Hang Tuah
3. Seribu Rasa Restaurant
  158, Munshi Abdullah Complex, Jln. Munshi Abdullah
4. Sri Percik Restaurant
  83, Tmn. Melaka Raya
Nyonya Food
1. Manis Sayang Restaurant
  617-618, Tmn. Melaka Raya
2. Nyonya Makko Restaurant
  123, Tmn. Melaka Raya
3. Ole Sayang Restaurant
  198-199, Tmn. Melaka Raya
4. Peranankan Restaurant
  107, Jln. Tun Tan Cheng Lock
Portuguese Food
1. San Pedro Restaurant
  Portuguese Square, Banda Hilir
2. D'Lisbon Restaurant
  Portuguese Square, Banda Hilir
Thai Food
1. Tom Yan Klasik Restaurant
  Air Keroh
Western Food
1. Carpers Restaurant
  Renaissance Hotel, Jln.Bendahara
2. Cafe Mahkota
  Mahkota Century Hotel
3. Odeon Restaurant
  Melaka Raya
4. Rock & Roll Grill
  Melaka Raya
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Local Delicacies / Cuisines
1. Capitol Satay Celup
  Jln. Banda Kaba
2. Famosa Chicken Rice Ball
  Jln Hang Kasturi, off Jln Hang Jebat
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3. Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball
  4, Jln. Hang Jebat, next to Lee Wah Bank
4. Pantai Kundur Roti John
  Pantai Kundur
5. Long Fatt Teow Chew Porridge
  Jln. Tokong
6. Nyonya Cendol
  At the back of 51, Jln. Tun Tan Cheng Lock
7. Tan Kim Hock Durian Cendol
  153, Jln. Laksamana Cheng Hoe
8. Teo Soon Authentic Cuisine
  55, Second Cross Street
9. Umbai Grilled Fish
  Umbai Jeti, on the way to Muar
10. Wilson Chicken Rice
  Jln. Banda Kaba, Melaka Raya, Malim Jaya, Melaka Baru.

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