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Beautiful island and beaches in Malacca

There are three beautiful beaches in Malacca which are located in Klebang, Tanjung Kling, and Tanjung Bidara. Sandy beaches edged with palm trees, and the pleasant surrounding has brought a number of resorts to this part of the west coast. After a day's tour devouring Malaysia's fascinating history, retreat to the sea and sand for a leisurely evening outing. Afterall, where else can you baste in the the glory of the sun in your favourite bikini.

Tanjung Bidara, about 35 kilometers from the town of Malacca, commands a magnificent sweep of coastline. The beach is ideal for swimming, water-skiing, and canoeing. Chalets and motels are available, and there are many picnic spots.

Pantai Kundur, a small fishing village, is approximately 17 kilometers from Malacca. This beach is a popular spot for swimming and picnicking, and for its graceful form of night-fishing. Fishermen suspend their nets from poles near their kelongs (houses built on stilts over the water) and periodically lower them to net a passing shoal.

Tanjung Keling is the nearest beach from town, about 10 kilometers away. It has a stretch of sandy beaches set within a coconut palm grove. Activities include picnicking, swimming and canoeing. There are many "Grill Fish" stalls along the beach which offers fresh sea food for the visitors.

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Pulau Besar is located at 3 nautical miles off the coast. The ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle in the city, one will appreciate the tranquillity and natural beauty of the island. Pulau Besar is also surrounded by intriguing folklore, sacred graves and shrines. The island has an international class hotel and several chalets. Snorkeling, swimming, fishing and jungle trekking are some popular activities.
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Island boat ride

Pulau Upeh is located off the beaches of Tanjung Keling, only a 30 minutes ferry ride from the town's jetty. Pulau Upeh is a turtle sanctuary. There's a resort on the island which offers visitors a chance to witness the beautiful Hawksbill turtle nesting at the island beaches. The island is one of the few sites in the west coast that has regular turtle sightings.

To get to the islands, one can book a ferry ride from the Shahbandar jetty, next the tourist information centre at Jalan Kota. Alternative speedboat ride to Pulau Besar is also available at Umbai jetty.

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